Wedding cake steps - taking out steps in the winter


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May 7, 2017
Sterling, IL
Any recommendations for the best steps to take out in the winter? I've been looking at the King Cake step which is one piece moded step, but have to use ballast bags or the blue torrent wedding cake steps. Has anyone had any experience with these? Are they easy to take out for the winter?
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Hi Kathy and welcome to the TFP forum! :wave: I don't have such steps, but I know tons of other members do. Now we just need to keep your thread active and moving so that the right person sees it and answers. So feel free to use your thread as much as needed until you get the answers you want. Glad you found us here at TFP, and have a nice day.


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Apr 17, 2010
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If either of those steps just has a hole in the bottom to put ballast into-----no, they're not easy. 2 person job would be ok. I've done it by myself, but NOT fun!
And it's always been from inside the pool, so don't wait too late.
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