We noticed discoloration right away


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I'm having a very similar problem. But this is a new pool filled with half public and spring water that was discovered when the pool was dug. The spring water was very clear, but the builder did not test the water before filling. The pool was plastered last Wednesday the 16th. It finished filling Friday morning. On Friday, they poured a bunch of acid in initially, along with chlorine tabs and 3 bottles of jack's magic magenta stuff. The PH was very low and has come up to 7.1. The water looks great and is ready to be used. We noticed discoloration right away, but we were told that that was normal. The filter has been on 24-7 since the acid shock. Over the last five days, the plaster has gone from white to light gray to tan to brown. The pool builder builder came this thursday and poured 2 bottles of blue stuff and it hasn't gotten worse. My wife just told me that he came and poured more stuff in the pool today, but I don't know what that was.

What should I do? I'm afraid that the pool will have to be drained and scrubbed.

The alk. is low. No measurable iron or copper.
Green algae: light
Black, Mustard Algae: none
Tot. hardness: 155.


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For now the builder is taking care of it. You should allow them to resolve the situation their way for now. Things can go badly wrong if you are trying to do one thing, while they are trying to do something else.
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