We love our tiny pool!


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Jul 9, 2020
Hi! I've had a 10' x 3' Intex round above ground pool for 3 years. We upgraded to a larger pump last year. We love our tiny pool! We live in Georgia so if you don't have a pool you end up living in air conditioning too much.
This year I really got lazy, relying solely on tablets and had our first algae bloom so it was time to get serious about understanding pool water chemistry. This site is amazing. I purchased a test kit and am ready to never go through the heart break of seeing algae in my water again. We drained and scrubbed it out and are now starting fresh.

One thing we did this year was to add insulation board under our pool. WOW, what a difference. It makes the bottom cushy and adds some protection from our rough cement pad surface. Highly recommend doing that. One thing about this little pool, there is not one single rough surface. It all soft and comfy.

Thanks TFP! I look forward to anyone who is willing to share advice on pool maintenance.