We got a sales pitch for converting to EcoSmart


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Jul 26, 2010
I am on the Board for a Homeowners Assn of townhouses. Part of our responsibility is providing maintenance for a 122,000 (approx) gallon pool. At our last meeting, we got a sales pitch for converting to EcoSmart for $10,000. Annual maintenance on our current system, using a professional pool service, runs around $7300.

Our subdivision is aging, infrastructure is an ongoing problem, and our budget runs from tight to strapped. The only qualification most of us have for being on the Board is that we are willing to try. Several of us know little or nothing about the chemistry of pool maintenance, so if you reply, please speak in laymen's terms! Also, none of us is in a position to take on the responsibiliity of whatever maintenance is required, although our salesman insists there is none.

When he asserted that we would absolutely save enough in the first three years to pay for the EcoSmart system, we almost signed on the spot. In a brief moment of sanity, we asked for references. The references we received are glowing reports, but one is a small residential pool, one is a spa, and I think one is a drinking water purifier--couldn't really tell from what was said.

Can anyone give us more information about EcoSmart for our pool size? Please note, cost/savings is not only the chief driver here; it is the only one, assuming of course that the pool sanitation will at least maintain its current level. We cannot afford the expenditure unless it actually saves us money.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Nov 18, 2009
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Re: converting my ecosmarte system to chlorine

Hi kmilbear...welcome. :wave:

I think the moderators may (should) move your post to it's own thread so your responses don't get mixed up with filix's. Done. JasonLion

If you go back and re-read this thread, you will find that there is not much support on this site of EcoSmart, or any other mineral based alternative "sanitizer".

This is because with these systems:
  • You do not have enough fast-acting sanitizer in the bulk pool water for quickly killing bacteria, inactivating viruses, etc[/*:m:3ny85gr5]
  • The minerals (copper) can cause staining of the pool and green hair[/*:m:3ny85gr5]

Even if you do save money over the first 3 years (I am skeptical) you may run into an expensive nightmare down the road with copper staining.

What method are you currently using for pool sanitizer? This system most likely does not meet your criteria that "pool sanitation will at least maintain its current level"

A salt water chlorine generator is a viable long term option, without as many drawbacks, but I am not sure of the startup costs.


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May 7, 2007
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I don't recommend the EcoSmarte system at all. Problems are common and I can't think of any advantages. svenpup covered the major points, but without the extreme negative emotion that many of us associate with their product. Search for EcoSmarte and you can find several topics where it comes up, none of them positive.

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Oct 29, 2009
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+1 to svenpup's comment.

Do you know how the pool service is maintaining it now? My gut feeling is that you could convert to a salt system for a few thousand dollars (ballpark; that's a big pool!), then greatly reduce your costs for the pool service. It would still require service, but it should be much less expensive once the up-front costs are sunk.

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