We bought a pool (with a house attached)


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Apr 16, 2020
Boise, ID
We recently purchased a foreclosed property - I'm a sucker for a project. The property came with a house that needed lots of repairs, a couple of acres of fruit trees and weeds, an old barn, and a 20X40 foot pool. At some point in its life, someone took good care of the place, but we've been working for nearly a year to get the home remodeled and the property improved. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about the pool, because my teenagers are now saying that my excuses for not opening the pool are lame, and that they expect to be swimming this summer. So here goes....

The good:
The pool has an automatic cover that was replaced about three years ago. After cleaning it up and having a key made, it works great.
The heater is a bit crusty, but works
The patio is in pretty good shape

The not so good:
The pool had about 2 inches of dead worms on the bottom and smelled terrible when I first opened it up
While trying to vacuum up the debris and dead worms, the pump (Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas) died. I have a new Hayward variable speed pump on the way, and plan to replace the pump in the next week or two (lots of projects going on)
The slide was broken and had to be tossed, and the diving board is missing

Again, I'm a sucker for a DIY project. I figure this is the perfect setup to learn on, I've definitely learned a lot of great info from this site (while silently lurking). But this frogpond in my backyard is going to be a project for sure.