WAY high TA


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just a couple questions.... my TA is testing at 300 !!! i turned the "eyeball" return around pointing up, so i got the bubbles going, as i've read to do here, for about 5 hours before i shut 'er down for the evening. tested the next morning and TA was still 300. PH & clorine all test fine. just curious, as for the past 3 years i never tested for TA and never had any problems with the pool. (i just stumbled upon your site this year, so i never knew i SHOULD test for it) what would cause a level that high and what kind of problems will i have with a really high TA if i can't get it down ? is TA levels really that important ? and before you ask, no, i don't know what my CYA level is, cuz the test kit i have doesn't have a test for it.
thanx for the info oh gurus of the pool.


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May 7, 2007
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High TA can cause the PH to rise rapidly, but doesn't always do so. High TA combined with high CH can cause calcium scaling, but if CH is reasonably low there is no issue here. There is no need to lower TA just to make a target number. Unless you are having one of those two problems, leave TA where it is.