Waterway Jets Roto


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Feb 11, 2008
I have a new pool and spa combo and have 8 waterway message jets in the spa and have an intellaflow pump. One of my jets is not locking in place has anyone had this issue with the new jets? I have a twin roto. I was wanting to know if anyone has used any other of the poly-storm jets and how did they work.


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Feb 4, 2008
I have been using the poly storm jets for years now, and I love them!
If one is not locking in, do some process of elimination. Does that jet work in another spot in the spa? Does another jet lock into that specific spot? If the problem follows the jet, there are two little tabs on the body of the roto jet that lock it in, sometimes they break off. Replace the jet. If the problem stays with the fitting on the wall, it could have some plaster lodged in it, preventing the jet from going all the way in. It is also possible that the plaster around the wall fitting is too tall, and is preventing the jet from going all the way in. The plaster should be flush with the wall fitting.


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Apr 5, 2009
waterway jets fall out , also have lack of pressure!

I have the poly storm jets as well. After removing these jets they do not seem to go back in as tight so I am hesitant to keep pulling them out. Has anyone else noticed this? I have one, in particular that will not stay in at all. I tried to switch the bad jet with a known good one. But the good jet wouldn't stay in either so I assumed it was the wall fitting. I then tried the jet that kept falling out in a known good wall fitting and it still wouldnt stay in. It almost seems that both the jet and wall fitting are defective. They are brand new and have never worked. When I put the good jet back in the good wall fitting, it now doesnt seat as tight. If I turn it a little too much, it pops out now. Are these that tempermental? Also, I have 9 of them with a 2 hp pump. Is that too many because none of them seem that strong? How do you know if you have an air problem vs. a lack of water flow problem?