Waterfall won't go off


Aug 30, 2020
Peoria, AZ
I don't use my waterfall too often but today I turned it on by the Panel.
AUTO-Pushed Pump button on- Pushed waterfall button on.
When I went to turn the waterfall off, it would not turn off unless I l turned the pool pump off. Needless to say, everytime I turn on the pump now, the waterfall comes on.

AUTO-Pushed waterfall button off***But it would not go off. - Had to Push Pump button off to stop it.

Any suggestions.



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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Well, I am assuming you only have one pump... If this is true, then what turns the waterfall on and off is a valve that moves.. It is possible that the valve moved to open the waterfall line and then stuck in that position. Turning off the main pump shuts off the waterfall..

If you know which valve turns the waterfall on and off, then you can try to move the valve with the little "on-off-on" switch on the actuator.. Moving from one on position to the other on position will move the valve... It could be you just have a bad actuator.

My guess is that the automated valve by the round blue handle is for your waterfall, but that is just a guess... :)


Jim R.
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Aug 30, 2020
Peoria, AZ
Thanks Jim. It appears that I have a bad acutator and possible bad macros. it could be that someone was messing with the panel while I was on vacation. We flipped the switch on the bottom of the waterfall one so it won't come on now. I've got the pool company coming out Monday to fix and label everything for me. I'm leanring more and more about this each day. Its confusing:(

Thanks again, Cher