Waterfall Wall in Pool - Stone Look Porcelain vs Stack Stone vs Concrete Veneer


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Mar 30, 2021
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Planning a new pool and want a waterfall wall that will have water trickling down the front rather than a sheer descent waterfall.
1) Should we consider a light colored stone/porcelain/veneer because it won't show the dirt/grime/minerals as much?
2) We will have a bench seat in front of it so I don't want it to be too rough if people lean back against it.
3) We want it to look natural and have a 3D effect so that water can trickle down it for sound.
4) How much maintenance will be required for the 3 options?
5) Pool will be salt water.
6) Waterfall wall will be 8 feet wide x 3 1/2 feet tall.
7) We want sound generated by the water trickling down the entire width of the fall.

What options would you recommend?
1) Stone looking porcelain:
Tile Series: Carrara | NPTpool.com
Quarzo Gold, Interlocking - Porcelain Pool Tile
2) Stacked Stone - real stone:
Natural Stone Pool | Stacked Stone Veneer Pools
stacked stone installation instructions
Mugla White 6×24 Ledger Stone – Harmony Stone
3) Concrete Veneer - stone look:
Alderwood® - Eldorado Stone
Coronado Stone Products - Amalfi Ledge

Any and all insights and suggestions are appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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Water trickling down will cause calcium deposits and scale from evaporation. You want a surface that is smooth and easy to clean. That eliminates stacked stone or concrete. Get a smooth porcelain tile.

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