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Nov 29, 2020
Naples fl
I recently found out why my pool was loosing water. It ended up being a waterfall sheer leak. I’m enclosing pictures and asking if anyone has had this type of issue. I looks like to me that this might have been broken before and this is a previous repair. I have received one estimate which entails cutting out the concrete coping above the sheer and replacing entire unit. Suggestions are appreciated.


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Jul 31, 2021
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I was going to say a pipe extender as well. But I’ve never seen schedule 40 crack like that. Makes me believe that the part that is cracked is actually part of of sheer descent housing. There might not be pipe beyond cutting it flush.


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Mar 2, 2011
Maybe the flange is just glued in place.

If yes, ask the manufacturer to send you a new flange under warranty.

Cut off the pipe flush and glue the new flange on top of the old flange flat part.



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Nov 29, 2020
Naples fl
Not sure if the flange is glued in or not as I have not ventured much further than doing some excavation around the crack. Also not sure finding part for this is possible as this pool was put in in 2006. The records I have from previous owner (we purchased in 2019) show that it is a Jandy 3’ Sheer Descent Waterfall. I emailed Jandy for info regarding the flange but have no heard anything from request. Not in huge hurry to repair since pool can still be used with waterfall valve closed.


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Apr 26, 2020
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Can't you MacGyver a flange by cutting the old one flush, sand with long block and glue one on top of it? As long as the new flange has the right pipe diameter it shouldn't matter what brand you're using...?

EDIT: if you worry about shearing strengths then drill a few holes through the outer part of the flange, fill with epoxy and hammer in brass pins. Just like you add shear strength in knife handles.
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