Waterfall pump shutting off....right after starting..


Jun 21, 2015
Houston, TX
I have Centruy 1HP single speed pump running my 2 waterfalls... normally on a timer runs 6 hours a day....

Today it starts and runs maybe 15-20 secs then shuts down... water is moving during its run.... motor does not get hot to touch but I hear the box click when it goes off.... no circuits blown and nothing is tripping...

If I put the system into service mode I can run the motor with no trip outs...

Does service mode bypass Hayward OmniLogic ? maybe its tripping something on the board??


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Do you have a multimeter?

Connect it to the power lines into the pump and monitor it as the pump starts and stops. That will tell you if the power is on when the pump stops and it is a problem with the pump or with the Omni.

I would carefully review the programming for the pump in the OmniLogic.