Waterfall kits - Yay's or Nay's?


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Jul 10, 2018
Miami, OK
I have an inground gunite pool.....approximately 12 years old. Still in good shape. I have a section that is already plumbed for a waterfall. My daughter is getting married at my house next year and I'm wanting to make the pool look nicer. I have a rustic house and prefer the rustic natural look of things. For the budget I've set ...... I was told by the rock mason I'm working with ..... that I might need to go with a waterfall kit as opposed to actual stone due to cost. I've looked at some online; and some of them look rather descent. Looking for reviews of whether these will look natural or fake. I saw one online called the "Maldives" that I like, and ordered a sample rock to see in person.... but it's still hard to wrap my "eyes" around whether the finished project will look natural or not. Thank you!


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Jul 5, 2014
Ottawa Ontario
I was contemplating the same thing. I have the plumbing for a water feature like yourself. But, my concern with going with real rocks was a) cost, b) dissolved minerals from rocks and c) weight of rocks on the interlock around the pool


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May 19, 2010
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We had a "fake rock" waterfall at my previous house and it looked pretty good. But, it is really up to the painters to make it look natural.

Current hose has a waterfall made of really ugly natural rocks that I never run because so much water leaks behind the rocks and onto the deck.