Waterfall flow control


Aug 6, 2012
The Villages, FL
We just finished our pool and love it so far. What I don't like is how the builder is controlling the waterfall flow. He has adjusted the actuator on one of the Jandy 3 way valves to open part way to control the flow. This valve is basicily a gate valve and was never designed as a throttle valve. How are others controlling the flow to their water features? I would love to be able to vary the flow using the Aqua Pod remote but from what I have read so far every thing is basically binary controls and not analog. Any ideas?


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
That sounds like a pretty typical setup. You figure out how much flow you want to the waterfall and set the actuator stops there ... that is the way the actuators work, to the stop either direction. There is not way to throttle them real time from the remote.

Is that using a valve controller or an Aux relay? ... question stems from your other thread.


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Mar 28, 2010
The Jandy actuators are digital and can only be set to a single point. If you want varying control the best way to go is a variable flow pump. I use an intelliflo VS and have programmed three separate speeds to vary the effect of the waterfall. Each speed requires a relay from the pool control system.

A cheaper alternative would be to have two or even three valves with actuators plumbed in series and configurated to open to different points.

I assume that since the flow to the waterfall is being throttled the balance of the water is being bypassed back to the pool. If not don't throttle the flow too much as it could damage the pump.
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