Water under liner after blowing out lines


Oct 23, 2021
London, Ontario

I blew out my lines and drained the pool to get below the jets. We had a *lot* of rain and water got under the liner. Check out my shallow end...

After 15 hours on the transfer pump it now looks like:

Its hard to see, but there is just a little water left.

My plan is to wait until I can give the pool my undivided attention on the weekend and then push the water pockets with a brush to the side of the liner where I can suck them up with the transfer pump - I'm hoping to not leave wrinkles. Is this a good plan? Anything I should be aware of?

Also, if I didn't do anything what would happen with a little water over winter (we get lots of freezes and thaws here in the winter). With pressure restored, will it just flow back into the ground?

Finally, to avoid a repeat scenario, I'm planning to minimally drain the pool this time (water will be barely below the jets) -- is this ok? Can I just plug the jets with a rubber plug and I'm good for the winter?

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 16, 2019
Can I just plug the jets with a rubber plug and I'm good for the winter
Yup. Many folks don’t drain at all. Rubber plugs are ok, screw in plugs are much better as the ice can’t pop them, and blow through bungee plugs make closing even easier as they allow you to clear the pipes and seal themselves when the air pressure stops.

Hang tight for liner/ wrinkle avoiding thoughts.
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