Water testing results


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Tested my tap water (city water), and great golly gosh but it's acidic! pH is around 6, too low for the test kit to measure, TA is 20 ppm, acid demand can't be determined, no chlorine, and of course no CYA or other readings. PoolMath says to add 23 oz of borax to correct the pH, and 47 oz baking soda to correct the TA. Then we'll go from there.

No wonder my faucets have corroded so much!

I'm going to pick up chlorine and stabilizer at HD this weekend, get started the right way.


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Something struck me just now -- I think my husband used my squirt bottle for the water sample to mix up a vinegar-based dog de-stinkifier at one time. There may still be traces of that in the bottle.

Off to scrub out the bottle and try again!


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
ahhhhhhhh that could do it. Your water sample bottle needs to be marked as POOL ONLY and put where it will not be grabbed and used for anything else. I do the same for my measuring cups.