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Has anyone with a small (14x48") above ground pool tried this thing? How did you like it?

I've ordered one off eBay for the little acorns that start falling about mid-July... they were the bane of my existence last year, and the Leaf Blaster using a hose for pressure just didn't work. Not enough pressure, and my pump is only 0.5 hp so I can't run a suction cleaner very well. At least I don't think I can, I have a thread in the Pumps forum asking about gpm and how to figure it. Most of them want 32 gpm minimum and I don't think I have that much.

EDIT: finally had to change the batteries 7/3. Even then, it was still generating enough Venturi force to pick stuff up, although slowly. So the batteries last about 6 weeks in my pool. That's a LOT longer than 3 hours, as the mfr says. Happiness all around!
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Well, here it is:

I LOVE IT!! Took it out this morning to do the first pass of vacuuming, and it worked like a champ. Even picked up small twigs! Nice big bag, so I didn't have to empty it until I was done. Runs quietly, even out of the water. Easy to maneuver. Easy assembly. Comes WITH 8 AA batteries. You can also snap the pole handle all the way down onto the base, then turn it upside down to skim the surface. I wasn't overly impressed with this function, but it works once you get in the right position. I think a skim net works just as well if not better. What I particularly like is you're not adding water to your pool, like you would with a venturi type vac head where you connect the hose. Batteries last for 3 hours run time -- I vac'ed my little pool in about 30 min.

I have to scrub the bottom, because there are stains and stuff stuck to the sides I need to get. I've ordered a new pool brush from Amazon because the one I have is shedding bristles. Then after scrubbing I'll make another pass with the Pool Blaster.

Available on eBay, and Amazon.com : Water Tech Pool Blaster Leaf Vac, Cordless Battery Powered Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer, Leaf Vacuum is Fast Cleaning and includes a Heavy-Duty Mesh Bag : Garden & Outdoor. Price is about the same either place. Also Wally World. Well worth the money!!


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It was picking up everything I threw at it today. I don't know how well the OEM filter bag would do with really small stuff, but Water Tech also sells microfine mesh filter bags. At the very least it would stir it up into the water so the filter itself would catch up.

Can't wait to see how it does on the tiny acorns!
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