Water rising by itself?

Within the last week or so, the water level in my pool has risen about 2". I have a 23,000 gallon, in ground, gunite pool. It is fairly old, but I'm not certain how old exactly. The house we just bought, was built in '79. I'm not sure how it could be rising by itself. It hasn't rained in months (Northern California drought), it's not my sprinklers adding water. Where would this water be coming from? It's almost up to the deck at the moment. I will need to use this chance to backwash my filter with the extra water.
I would venture a guess that it is a broken auto fill line or a broken circulation line. The crack in the pool indicated the ground has shifted and it may have punctured or cracked a water line.

If you would go out to your water meter and look at it, there is what is called a leak detector on most of them. Looking at it in the correct orientation, it is situated at about 4oclock (on most of them when i worked for the water dept.). The detector is a small black triangle and every time you use water, it will spin extremely fast. Watch it closely for about a minute and note if it moves (moving in one direction then back in another may sometimes be normal if water hammers have been installed in the home, we are just looking for the advancement of the triangle). Even a dripping toilet can be seen by the movement of the triangle if you look close enough.
Of course if no one is using water (make sure all toilets have filled before checking) in the home and it is still spinning indicates a leak. Shutting off the water will just require you to turn the valve in the meter box 1/4 turn either way for repairs.
If the triangle is not spinning, I would look at the possibility of a broken circulation line. In either case, i would watch very closely my water level in the pool. The water from whatever source it is has made your water table extremely high and your pool may float or crack further.
To test this, as close as practical, dig a hole in the ground near the crack to about the pool water level. Dig somewhat carefully so you do not damage water lines if you hit them with a shovel. If the water level is high from a leak, in a short time the hole will have water in it.
I will need to check the water meter when I get home today. Thank you for that info, one_knight. It is definitely not an auto fill leak. As I said before, it is a leak from a patch in the wall. Funny thing is, I checked early this morning and I couldn't see any flow coming out of the hole like I did last night. I back washed late last night to drain some of the water and it is still at the same height that I left it. It wouldn't be a broken circulation line, either, because that would be existing water from the pool, leaking back into the pool. The water level wouldn't rise in that case. It has to be an outside source.


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If the water starts running into the pool when your sprinklers are running, or shortly after, you'll know where to start digging.

If your pool is close to the fence it might be your neighbor's sprinkler pipe....let's hope so! :D
Yes, now going back and thinking about it in more detail, i would rule out the pool circulation line. The amount of water you are talking about would be extremely unlikely in the scenario i envisioned this morning. If it would have been a very small gain, it would have been slightly feasible, but not the extent that you are describing.

As i read back through the entire thread just now, you never stated that you had an auto-fill line on your pool. I got that from the next poster (post #3) and for some reason i couldn't get it out of my head.

My apologies to you for jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. I don't know what i was thinking this morning, and i cant even blame it on caffeine or the lack thereof....
One_knight, it's ok. I know it's easy to get information confused from different posts. No auto fill on my pool. I haven't had the chance to check the water meter yet, but I have been keeping an eye on the levels in the pool and checking the hole in the patch. In the last 2 days, it has gone up about an 1/8th of an inch (much slower than what it was originally doing. It's so confusing that it is inconsistent. I also have not noticed the flow of water coming out of the hole, as I did originally. Out of all of this, even though I am slightly worried, I am most disappointed that this outside source of water is causing the temperature of the pool to drop, even with my solar blanket on. Haha! I hope to get home early enough, today, to check that meter and see what's going on there.

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