Water Loss - Over pressurized


Mar 26, 2020
Germantown, TN
Hello, I watched the local pool company close my pool last year. When he cleared the water out of the lines with air pressure I think mistakes were made. He closed the main line to start. He closed off jets, skimmers as he should when bubbles appeared but then he got to the main drain waiting for bubbles... they did not ever come. It took him a couple minutes to realize that he closed off the main drain so he quickly walked over and opened the value. He denied it of course but I watched him. When he opened the main line the water pressure immediately shot out of the main drain blowing debris out about 8 feet around the drain underwater. Also, when he released the quick connect on the air tank the hose shot like a bullet about the same distance...6 feet. Now when opening, my 15 year old Raypak water heater magically was leaking at the temp control sensor, the (head gasket was leaking although not pushed out...just super flat) and there is another slow leak still somewhere in the heater. A pvc joint by the filter also has a very slow drip. Also when the pool kicks on in the morning it is spitting some air out of the jets to start out. My sprinkler also does not have quite the same water pressure that it has normally but the filter pressure gauge looks normal so that my be in my head.

In 20 hours I lost 3/16th of an inch.

Is it likely that the pool guy created a leak underground in my pipes? Is this all just coincidence?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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May 3, 2007
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3/16" isn't very much and can easily be attributed to evaporation.

However, the heater is a different issue. Nothing above ground should have ice damage if that is what caused it. However, just the cold can cause leaks around the gaskets due to metal contracting then expanding.

As for water pressure, what is the filter pressure now and what is it after the filter is cleaned? You should clean the filter after the pressure rises 25%.