Water leak after hooking up Polaris 360

May 14, 2018
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We purchased our home in April and it has a swimming pool. So I hope I am not the only person that has purchased pool home, and know nothing about maintenance and care. The pool is 20k Gallon in ground, with a vinyl liner, and It is saltwater system.

Up to this point everything has been trial and error. I have had cloudy water, green algae, palm tree leaves in the water and a dead bunny rabbit in the skimmer. I am waiting to come out one morning and find an alligator taking a morning swim.

I recently found a Polaris 360 the previous home owners had left behind. After taking it to the local pool store, they told me how to hook it up to an inlet in the side of the pool. I hooked it up, got all the air out of the house, and cut the pump on. I didn't get any action from the Polaris. I remembered the pool store told me to cut the other inlets off by turning the control valve at the filter housing. After doing so, the Polaris took off like a race horse and was sucking up everything it came across. It was actually pretty impressive. I went back to the filter to check the PSI gauge and it was at 25 PSI. There was also water leaking from one of the connections. I opened the pressure relief valve on the Polaris but after going back and checking, it was still leaking. I cut everything off until I know how to proceed.

I made this video and was hoping you guys could provide some insight.

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