Water is crystal clear?????


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May 30, 2007
Hampton Roads/Virginia
I just took a peak under the tarp and the water is clear as can be. The sun was shining straight down into the pool so I could see very well into it.
I was even struggling with that darn yellow algae crap when I closed it. Actually, I gave up on getting rid of it and just put the cover on! When we looked in today, crystal clear water and only a bit of old, dead algae gathered sparsely on the bottom!! How can this be? We had a very mild winter and have been having 70-80's days off and on for weeks. I totally did not expect crystal clear water! What should I expect when I take the cover off completely in terms of getting the pool swimmable?

Plus, the cover we have is black and the water underneath is WARM. Should I get a black solar cover? I read about the Magni-clear ones being the best out there though. I'm guessing because the rays can go all the way down to the bottom. Maybe the water is only warm a few inches down with the black tarp cover?


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Mar 31, 2007
Well it sounds like good news if your water looks clear, I would say if you can look at the water you should be able to reach in and get a water sample to test, then that will tell you for sure where you stand.