water feature options


Jun 15, 2019
I am in the middle of my build and I added a plumbing line from the pump so I can add a future water feature. I had wanted sheer decent spill over however my PB doesn't recommend this type of water feature without a separate pump. any ideas what type of water feature would work off main pump?


Gold Supporter
Jul 3, 2018
Hi klb123
It's preferential to plumb-in a secondary pump for water features. However, many use the main pump for various water features (as do I) with acceptable results.
There are other water features that can be considered besides sheers and waterfalls (those usually do require more head).

Some of these can include aerators, spray heads, laminars or deck jets and bubblers. Laminars and bubblers can even be "lighted", but now you are getting into high end pool features. The biggest consideration here is the pump.

Whatever you and your PB decide on, it must be "spec'd" out, in order to match the capabilities of the pump with the quantity and type of the water feature(s). Pipe size is also an important consideration.

Just as an example. One Pentair "MagicStream" laminar (deck jet) requires 11 GPM of flow with a 16 foot of head (measured at the laminar) in order to achieve the correct height and distance (arc) for the laminar. You would need to double this for two.

If your pool builder is good, he should have knowledge of all of this. But don't assume that he does. Many PBs, especially those that specialize in "higher-end" pools will most likely have a good working knowledge of all of the various water features, the correct specifications for plumbing requirements, pressure drop considerations for long runs, pipe size and correct pump selection.

Also if you decide on multiple water features, the PB should recognize the need for a two-way 'throttling" valve for each water feature and a "main" two-way valve for the water features manifold.

Just a few considerations for you and your PB to discuss.
Take care and best of luck on your new build.