Water cloudy from dog swimming?


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Jun 23, 2016
Celina, TX
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I'm having the same issue with our pool. FC 4.5, CC 0, PH 7.3. Can a dog swimming in the pool cause the cloudiness? That's the only difference bewteen this year and all the previous years and the pool always had that sparkle. Now it's dull and slightly cloudy. We got a rescue Bloodhound/German Shepard mix "puppy" and you can't keep him out of the water. I say "puppy" because he's about 7 - 8 months old and weighs 85 lbs already....PXL_20210603_232318383.jpg
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Jun 16, 2019
Can a dog swimming in the pool cause the cloudiness?
Not if you were properly treated and had any wiggle room at all. When you dance the fine line at minimum FC, The slightest *anything* may push you over the edge and remove your sparkle. If you don’t catch it in time you are well on your way to algae.

There are those that enjoy the challange to push their pool with as little maintenance and as little FC as possible. If you enjoy the thrill or are particularly frugal, please enjoy your dance. :)

I always ran ‘hot’ and targeted my daily loss above target range. When I lost my daily loss as expected, I fell into target range and never had a care in the world if a storm happened, swimmers happened, particularly hot / high UV days happened……. None of it mattered for me. I was well protected. My way of going about it ‘wasted’ some chlorine due to it burning off slightly faster at higher levels, but was a easy trade off for my never having closely monitor the pool. It just sparkled and that was that.
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