Water Chemistry and Chlorine use ... what am I missing here?


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May 21, 2013
Tempe, Arizona
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We had our pool built about 8 years ago. In the beginning we had a Hayward T-15 SWG. The original swg and 3 warranty replacement swg's all failed in about 5 years. II would clean the cell with dilluted acid as recommended but the pool would get those "mineral deposit floaties" that would come off of the SWG plates. (Our attached spa would look like a snow globe.) I would test Chlorine and PH my self but would also take water samples to the pool store. I can not remember any outrageous test readings or chemical recommendations other than add cya, acid, or shock. Long story even longer, every time the SWG would fail the control board would say low salt. I would take it to get a test at the pool stores and they confirmed it had failed. When it was no longer under warranty I was finished. I switched to chlorine tablets and the occasional shock. Pool seemed to be fine other than it was a Salt water pool with no SWG.

Recently, We had a terrible build up of calcium on the water line and on the edge of the cool deck. There was so much I had someone come blast it off. I think this was a result of the tablets in the floater.

We have completely drained the water and started over.

Since the refill I have followed pool school and tested my water every couple of days.

We currently use liquid chlorine and a floater.

We would like to do one or the other.... (preferably swg )

1. Add Salt and switch back to an SWG if some one can tell me how to keep it from failing so quickly.

2. Continue using Liquid Chlorine if some one can tell me how to get the level to be some what stable. I add the recommended 10% liquid chlorine and test a day later only to be back at zero reading on the test.

Thank you in advance for your help.

16250 Gallons
TF-Pro test kit smart stir for pools with swg test kit
FC 0 ZERO (10 minutes ago)
PH 7.9 (10 Minutes ago)
TA 70 2 days ago)
CH 325 (2 days ago)
CYA 25 (2 days ago)
SALT 400 (11days ago ) Salt was from tap water we did not add any
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