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Oct 20, 2017
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So I just found out there was a store with TFP logo merchandise. While I'm not big on wearing logo'd merchandise (a mug may be okay), what I though was missing from the store is a metal sign you could put by your pool that said something like "Water by TFP" or "Crystal Clear Water thanks to TFP" or something along those lines.
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Jul 21, 2011
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One of the largest issues with items like these are the price. While I totally agree they’d be neat to have, it would cost a good bit to get a batch made. The “TFP Store” is basically just a selection of items from cafe press that we can give away to Gold Supporters for their donations. In this case Cafe Press handles everything, just just send them the address. They’re able to do stuff in house and in bulk thus make a profit.

If I were to guess, an item like a metal sign would cost roughly $70’ish to have made and shipped, and I kinda think we’d have a difficult time selling them.

Great idea however as I know too kinda want one. 😂


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Nov 12, 2017
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One way to test the waters on this is to provide a digital file of a sign (in a universal high-res, print-ready PDF format), with maybe a few links to on-line sign makers. Folks interested could download the file and order their own signs, in whatever size or material or quality level they prefer (and want to pay for). The PDF format can be resolution-independent (vector format) to accommodate any size without compromising print quality. And if linking to print shops violates the TFP website rules, then perhaps just a hint on what to google to find your own print shop would suffice...

If there was interest, TFP could provide a variety of files, of different designs and content (sayings). Then, if there was a lot of interest, TFP could start selling the signs themselves.

If one was to send the file to a screen printer that could get the design onto a speedo, so be it...
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Aug 14, 2018
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I bought the TFP sticker from the cafe press site. I got SPPA (insurance) to send me a sticker, Pool & hot tub sent me his res images by request after I passed the CPO and SPSPA (David van Brunt) I clipped from the website. There's plenty of room for more!
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