Water Broom?


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Apr 10, 2007
Valley Forge, PA
Pulled the cover off last weekend and am ready to go for the season. I have a broom finish concrete deck that is fairly large. This will be our fourth season with the pool. You can really see a dirt line where the cover tie downs were. I was getting ready to clean it with a large brush and concrete cleaner when I saw an ad for a 'water broom'. Has anyone here had any experience with one of these? Are they worth buying? It seems it would make the job easier, but I am concerned that it might not get the concrete clean enough, or, even worse, damage it.

The Mermaid Queen

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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
If you are talking about what I am thinking of, that is really for sweeping debris off a surface, not tackling the deep-down stuff.

I would either use a pressure washer or a brush and clorox. A pressure washer that is made for home use is just fine for cleaning concrete. Use a 'fan' setting, as opposed to a 'jet stream' and your deck will be blindingly white in no time!!