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Feb 20, 2017
Parkersburg, WV
I'm gathering up all the supply's that are needed for the electrical install for my new FG pool. (It won't be installed for 6 weeks or so.) I have all the other bonds figured out except the water bond. My pool lights PAL will not have any metal rings and I won't have any metal ladders. Do you guys see any problems with me installing a skimmer bond like Amazon.com: POOL BONDING KIT by BURNDY, LLC MfrPartNo BWB680AGRK: Kitchen Dining I know they say there suppose to be for AB pools. But I thought If I got it installed before the concrete is pored then it should work for me also. Correct?



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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
The skimmer bond seams like a reasonable work around. The threaded permacast fitting in the suction line near the skimmer is another. It sounds like you won't be able to access this fitting down the road which make me lean towards the permacast fitting over the skimmer waterbug. The downside to this method is if your water is ever below the skimmer you will lose your water bond. Not a huge concern as pretty much all above ground pools share the same problem. If by some chance you will have a bottom drain install the bond fitting there.
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