Water Balance question


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Jul 28, 2010
Montreal, Canada
In anticipation of my new hot tub, I had my tap water tested.

Came back with
PH: 7.2
Total Alkalinity: 69
Total Hardness:78

They suggested I bring alkalinity to 120 (which will make PH rise)
Then bring PH down to 7.4-7.6
Then bring Hardness up to 150-200
Then add 48g of stabilized chlorinating Granules

Does this make sense? was reading that I should keep TA closer to 50?

Once water is all balanced and chlorine is between 3 and 5, could I just leave a floater with pucks?



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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
I don't know a whole lot about spas, but my dad had one and had installed an inline feeder. He ended up burning out his heater and was told it was due to the feeder/pucks.

That being said, pucks will do yo your spa the same as with any pool and will lower pH and add CYA. Plus possible heater damage according to the guy my dad contracted with for his repair.