Water Balance prior to adding Borates


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Feb 12, 2016
Fort Mill SC
Hey guys!
Wanting to add borates to pool, have used Muratic acid to pull down TA. From my
newly purchased TF100 test kit, here are my latest test results:

FC 7.0
CC 0.5
pH 7.0
TA 80
CH 50
CYA 50
SALT 4200

Salt reading is from the Circupool RJ 60 swg. It was registering about 37-3800 before
adding about 3 qts of acid to pool. Figure the additional salt was due to reactions based on
the add. Previous TA was 110.

I have a 55lb bucket of boric acid to add to the pool from Duda Energy. Should I make any further
adjustments prior to adding the ba? This is a new pool, flower aerator coming Tuesday to help
with the pH. Any advice as to adds and sequence would be appreciated.



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May 23, 2015
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What's the total volume of the pool (you don't list it)?

Also, by polymer I assume you mean this is a vinyl lined pool. Your water has extremely low calcium levels at 50ppm. Given your numbers, your CSI is -1.63 which I realize is not too important for a vinyl pool, but it is awfully low. Are you certain your CH is that low? If so, is it just because you have really soft fill water?

You kind of need the pH to come up a bit. Even though boric acid is considered a weak acid and it won't drop the pH that much, usually anywhere from 0.2-0.3 units, starting at a pH of 7.0, you'll drop to a really low level that is not good for the heat exchanger in your heater. I would wait for your pH to come up a bit (shouldn't take too long) to about 7.5 and then add the borates.

But my other question is this - why are you adding them? Do you have trouble with rising pH? Usually in a vinyl pool and bleach, the rise in pH is fairly minimal. You can certainly still add them if you want.


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Feb 12, 2016
Fort Mill SC
pool volume is 19,000 gallons.
adding borates for water appearance, feel, and additional algae protection.
rechecked this AM, CH is 50ppm.
No issue holding steady pH.


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You may or may not realize the benefits you are expecting from borates. I would probably go ahead and add them (they can do no harm) but, if your pH is stable as you say, I think that eliminates the primary benefit of borates.

Nevertheless, some members here report all the benefits you are looking for........others report sensing no difference.

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