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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
(I'm not even going to try the new BB code stuff, yet :twisted: )

I'm Ted and only kept the 'waste' screen name because I wanted folks from PF to recognise me. I'm one of those 'evil pool dudes' that try to take every $ out of nice, honest pool owners wallets. That's why I come here, to separate you from your money :angel/devil: . Kidding aside, I stumbled upon pool solutions a few years ago and read it and agreed! I started in the pool business in March of 1988 in N NJ as a laborer and moved to Va in July where I lucked into a pool job with a ~large shotcrete pool company where I rose through the ranks to be the construction co-ordinator (I knew the job well enough to be able to tell the boss what was required for any given job we had going) within a year. A couple of years later, we lost our service manager and had to give up my vacation (going to 5 Dead concerts) in order to be trained on service - it was a quick, and incomplete 2 weeks, so I had to figure a lot out on my own. Though for the next 4 years, I was the co- manager of the service side, I still did ~ 1/3 of my time with the construction crew. Due to some 'relationship problems' I moved to NH and spent a season with a company of 'hacks' that did liner and AG pools - the less said about that, the better - but I did learn some techniques for liner and AG pools (always look at the bright side :wink: ) I left the pool business for a few years (NH isn't the place to try to make a living doing just pools) and was a cook, housekeeper, hotel maintenence, concrete layer (Foundations, floors and footings) and student (3.8 GPA) I also took the time to father a DD who will be 10 in May. I then moved to Ct where I was lucky enough to hook up with one of the best pool companies in the region, these guys really know thier IG liner pools! What was lacking from my experience was the chemistry side, which PF really! helped (s) (it's guys like Evan, Richard, Michael... etc, etc -AND BEN!- that have taught me more than any NSPI class ever could! - or at least the TRUTH)

I come to these sites to both learn and share what I have experienced working on 1000s of pools - though I don't have a pool of my own, I care about YOUR pool ~ as much as you do! (** as a note: I would have a lot! less work if all my boss's customers cared about their pools the way y'all do!! :D )

AS a last thing, the moniker "waste" was given to me by my fraternity brothers, when durring the fall mid-terms of my freshman year (1985), I eschewed studying for partaking of various chemicals -- they foresaw, with great accuracy, that I was 'wasting' my father's money and my time -- I failed out after my second year :roll:

Welcome all to this place, I hope you find what you need here!

(one more thing: whenever I'm on line I'm listening to www.radiomargaritaville.com , it's GREAT poolside music! And if you're looking for some 'esoteric' ~trivia with a very! humorous twist, try www.straightdope.com :bump: :bump: