Washing sand...a great idea that works. However some challenges as well


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May 21, 2020
After watching a TFP video about washing sand instead of replacing, I decided to give it a go. Carefully inserting the garden hose into the sand and carefully moving the hose so as to not disturb the standpipe or the laterals. The process took a long time before the water was reasonably clean. Then carefully added two 50 lb bags of new sand to bring the level to about two thirds level of the tank.
Before re-installing the multi-port, I cleaned the bottom, replaced the 0-ring and a little bit of silicon lube. Returning the port to the standpipe and tank was next. However, getting the port to set properly is the challenge. When trying to reinstall the metal strap belt was more difficult than before. The port reaches the standpipe before the multi-port reaches its seat. The o-ring is round and maybe I should be using a flat gasket instead? Without a gasket I'm concerned it will leak and/or pressure issues. Is it possible when washing the sand that sand got under the standpipe, raising it? Seems unlikely, but if so, it looks like I will have to remove all the sand and start over. Would REALLY like to avoid that! The other option might be to cut off about 1/8" of the standpipe which doesn't make sense as its been fine for several years and finding a way to cut it as it's clearly below the neck of the tank. As mention, the metal strap has always been a challenge to install, but after trying for the last two hours...the strap appears to have won! I'm wondering if a flat gasket will work. Any ideas?

I'm at a loss of any solution and suggestions/solutions are much appreciated.

Flying Tivo

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Jan 24, 2017
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Most probably what happened. I would not cut. You could try again at flushing and trying to see if it settles down, but i doubt it. You will need to remove sand at least a very large portion.