Warrior SI - problem with power supply


Jan 27, 2014
I've had my Warrior SI for a few months and it's been great. However, yesterday I went to use it had a problem. Whenever I plugged it in, it would light up for just a second and then go dark. I tried two different outlets with the same problem. Is there a way to figure out what the problem is (power supply, cord, something else)? I was reading through this forum and saw someone mention a 'self-test', but couldn't figure out what that was.

As an aside, is it OK to plug in the power supply without it being attached to the communication cord? It would have been easier to test the unit at different outlets without dragging the cord behind me all over the place.

Thanks, Scott


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Jul 14, 2017
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Not under warranty? Should be if its only a few months old. Call Pentair for help. Their service dept was actually very helpful when I called a few months ago
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