Wanted: Equipment Pad Pics


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Jul 7, 2008
Bremen, GA
Hi....I'm in the process of redoing my equipment pad and would be interesting in seeing pictures of everyone's pad and equipment layout. Just looking for a better layout.

Much appreciated!


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Apr 6, 2012
DFW Texas (Midlothian)
here you go, i'm in the process of having my pool built so excuse the gunite mess....

My Jandy heat pump will be in the empty space on the left once it comes in hopefully in the next few weeks.

Picutred left to right you see my 2HP Pool/Spa Pump, 280 Booster Pump, CV580 Filter, then my 1.5HP Water Feature pump


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Jul 2, 2012
I would post a pic but its an AG pool so it only has a pump, cartridge, chlorinator, then return pipe. Oh and its sitting on dirt right now, pavers going to be installed in the fall.

Don't panic about the chlorinator, my CYA is low right now and I'm leaving it plumbed in for vacation since I hate floaters.


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May 24, 2009
I'm a big fan of unions anywhere there's a piece of equipment that you might want to remove. They're cheap & helpful.
*Unions into & out of the heater (might need to replace the heater),
*Unions into & out of the filter (might need to get into the filter - my multiport valve is at the top of my filter),
*Unions into & out of the pump,
*Unions on either side of valves.

I'm also no plumber or an expert on flow rates, so maybe there's a reason this isn't a good suggestion. Come up voice - I'm willing to learn.

:rant: Here's my short story on my pool guy "help" - I had many of those unions in place. When I replaced my filter DIY, I didn't re-plumb the heater back in (I'm not good at eyeballin' long PVC runs). I hired my pool guy to get the heater back into the loop and he took it on himself to "tidy up" the rest of the pad, cutting out most of those unions & replacing them w/ glued slip joints. :hammer:

Good luck!


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Jul 7, 2008
Bremen, GA
Thanks to everyone for their posts! I finally finished my project. Now it just needs a good cleaning.

Before: [attachment=1:726mhxfk]Before.JPG[/attachment:726mhxfk]
After: [attachment=0:726mhxfk]After.JPG[/attachment:726mhxfk]



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Mar 21, 2011
Plumbing coming through the pad is not very wise! There is not any room for replumbing if there happens to be a leak.


May 28, 2012
Corinth, Texas
Okay, Lets see those equipment pads!

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Pentair Challenger 1.5hp pump/motor...Pentair TR-60 sand filter (new) with updated/improved push/pull backwash valve...and the Polaris booster pump. Jandy 2 way valves control two skimmers and the main drain. 3 way Jandy valve on the return line (fountain). I replumbed the backwash line to dump at the street/curb instead of the yard......oh, the inline chlorinator is no longer used since I joined the site..lol