Want to see build threads. How do I find them?


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Jun 20, 2016
Central Arkansas
I would like to see other people's build threads, particularly vinyl and/or DIY. So far, I have had to rely on running across a link in people's signature. Is there a place where these are all located? Hoping to start ours this weekend and would like to know where to put it. Thank you!

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Signatures and doing a search are really your best options. Key words help a lot such as owner-builder (OB), ABP install, etc. They're out there, you just have to kick-over the right stone. :) For your scenario specifically, you can start a thread in the "Under Construction" sub-forum and let members reply to you and/or post pics in your thread of what they've done. If you want, we can rename this thread and move it there as well. Poke a round a bit and let us know.