Want to redo piping, inlet pool, sand filter - Intex


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Jul 11, 2010
I'm wanting to add a second return at the bottom of the pool to help get the Crud off the bottom of the pool. What I'm thinking about doing is getting all new suction and return fittings in addition to the additional second suction so I can get rid of the proprietary intex threads. This will leave me with only the proprietary threads on the intex sand filter to deal with. I'm thinking this might be a better idea so I don't have to buy plunger valves or hoses to just get the nuts. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Also, when I redo the piping, I want to add a connection so I can attach a vacuum if need. My question is, what kind of connection is needed, or does it depend on what kind of vacuum you have?


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Jul 17, 2007
Hillsborough, NC
I upgraded from the same pool this spring. Maybe they changed the design, we bought our pool in 2006 and the fittings weren't threaded. They were rubber. There was an insert that went in them and then the hose was attached with a hose clamp. As I recall from my pool, the way the fittings are done if you cut them out the holes in the liner will be too large for the new fitting flanges.