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Jun 29, 2009
Vero Beach, FL
My pool is less than a year and still in warranty, but getting the PB - Indian River Pools in Vero Beach, FL to make repairs takes months.

Here is the bleed through I started with:

[attachment=2:3qnxka1g]rust bleed through after brushing.jpg[/attachment:3qnxka1g]

And here, after several months of delay, is their two day old fix:

[attachment=1:3qnxka1g]Indian River Pools fix try #1.jpg[/attachment:3qnxka1g]

When I told them I wanted the patch to match the original plaster AND they needed to figure out what is bleeding through (supposedly just the rebar tie, not the rebar itself), this is what I got.

[attachment=0:3qnxka1g]IRP fix try #2.jpg[/attachment:3qnxka1g]

I have to laugh because it looks like something my 7 year old would do. Its just so pathetic. Per a letter I sent, the PB has until Wednesday to fix this and my other problems correctly or I'm hiring a competent pool builder to fix it and sending him the bill. I'll probably end up in small claims court, but I'm looking at it as an adventure and not the pain in the rear it really is.



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Apr 17, 2010
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I got some crayolas and spray paint! That's pretty sad, sorry you're having to go thru this mess. I'd be in small claims myself-------the principal is still worth something to me.


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
lborne, I am so sorry to see your challenges. Our pool is 11 mths , coming up on the end of the 1yr warranty so I will be looking for things that need to be addressed.

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Sep 5, 2008
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See if your local TV station has a program that take on disputes like this and broadcasts the whole dealings. I believe this is cheaper than small claims, and brings the shady business to the publics attention, which i think is more damaging to the builder. It's a good way to get the builder to act if their name is out there as a bad business.

Just a thought.


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Apr 13, 2009
Schnecksville, PA
It looks like if they spent just a little more time with their last fix, it would not look too bad. But, I agree, they also have to fix the source of the bleed through...


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Jun 29, 2009
Vero Beach, FL
Well, the problem is that the Pool Builder does not want to actually pay to have this fixed, so he is either doing it himself, or he had someone else come and do it for cheap.

I'd sent him a registerted letter over a month ago giving him until the end of June to fix this and the other problems. He finally emailed me back today to say it would be fixed next week.

Too little, too late. I told him no one was authorized to enter my property and that I've taken over control and supervision of getting the problems repaired correctly, which means getting to the root cause and encapsulating the metal. Told him I'd send him the bill. I've already gotten a couple competent pool builders to come out to look for quotes and they are shocked at the poor quality of the repair.