Wall suction cover and base fell off. Any way to secure to plaster?


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Dec 23, 2012
Manassas Park, VA
Working on a pool for a relative and they have a wall suction cover that screws into a base however the base appeared to be secured to the smooth plaster via 2 sided tape or something similar.

The screws that secured the cover to the base were too long so when I went to put it back on after opening the pool (it was removed to insert a plug) the base popped off.

Would a standard underwater adhesive work on smooth plaster? I currently have Loctite 2 part Marine Epoxy.

Here is an example of the cover and base that fell off. LINK

I would like to get this installed as soon as possible since their kids have begun using the pool for short periods of time (water is still in the 60's).


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Jul 21, 2013
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Those are made to be screwed into a drain in the floor or wall. I would like to see pics of the area it needs to be attached to.

I do not know what glue will stick well to plaster.


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Dec 23, 2012
Manassas Park, VA

Thank you for the response. I went ahead and used the Loctite glue and put the piece back on. It was a snug fit just fitting it back in place so it is possible it was never secured in the first place. I will monitor it through the summer to see if it loosens or comes off again.
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