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Jun 3, 2017
Felton/ Pennsylvania
I just discovered my Esther Williams oval pool aluminum side wall has small holes throughout from corrosion. Most in the back of the pool that is under the deck that I never had no need to crawl under there until I saw some in the front side by the sun light showing me the holes. Pool and line are both twenty years old. Pool had 40 year warranty on the side wall that was before the company went out of business. I can get a new wall and liner or new pool. I’ve also read about patches inside pool my pool may be beyond that. This point I’m not sure what I want to do keep replace or do away with. Just wondering anybody else has gone through this or looking for any suggestions. Anybody no who bought out Esther Williams


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
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I'm not sure what recourse you might have with the warranty if the company is out of business. 20 years isn't a bad life for an above ground pool especially if that's the original liner.

The folks at inyopool have been really good at finding parts for people here even for old pools you might try your luck talking with them to find you a new wall.

I would look very closely at the rest of the pool frame especially where it is in contact or slightly buried in the ground before going thru with a new wall and liner.

If you pull the liner to patch the pinholes or cover them in some way you will at very least need a new liner. It's hard to say how much more time you will get out of trying to fix the wall. If you see pinholes on the outside my guess is that the side under the liner looks way worse.
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