Wading Pool Renovation


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May 4, 2017

I bought a house last year and acquired what used to be a koi pond converted into a wading pool by the previous owners. I'm not entirely sure what I want the pool to be long term. One idea is to use it as a goldfish pond. Short term it's going to be a dog swimming pool / wading pool. The pool had no skimmer, bottom drain, or filtration when I began. I've since installed a skimmer, a bottom drain, and purchased an intex 2000 gpm sand filter / saltwater chlorination package. The next task is to core a couple 2" openings in the concrete to install a couple return jets. What sort of PVC fittings are typically used for this task??? Do I simply stick a 1.5" PVC in the hole and slip a 1.5" slip-on/threaded coupler on the inside of the pool?



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Jun 7, 2011
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That's pretty much it. They make slip male pvc return jet fittings, but the best option (IMO) is using 1.5" female thread in the pool to accept the threaded male type. So, it would be a 1.5" female thread flush with the pool wall.