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Jul 1, 2021
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Our VSP got burned out due to the snow storm here in Texas that caused the rolling blackouts of power. Long story short, we are having to switch from a variable speed pump to a single speed due to availability, or lack thereof. My question is: how can we rewire our Aqualink RS control board to turn the single speed pump on and off without the variable speed "housing". Is this even possible? Cam it be wired into the capacitor on the single speed motor? We really do not want to have to control our pool manually, turning it on and off every day/night.


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Jul 1, 2021
Sherman Texas
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The VS pump will be wired into the LINE side of the filter/pump relay. The SS pump needs to be wired to the LOAD side of the filter/pump relay.

Check where the pump connects in the Aqualink.

Post pics of the wiring in your AQualink if you need more help.
Can you explain this a little more in depth? I am having the same problem as above.
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The Aqualink has a standard relay so you would wire the pump through the relay. Then control the pump schedule with the software.

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