VSF Schedule w/ Heat Pump and SWG


May 29, 2020
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hi Everyone,

After a month of work I finally have my pool clean and I just ordered the water test kit recommended from TFP. Now I'm on the boards seeking support for maintaining the pool and have some specific questions. This year we bought all new equipment and had the following installed:
  • new Pentair VSF pump
  • new Pentair SWG (IC-40)
  • new Raypak HeatPump 8450 (140,000 BTU)
  • Pentair EasyTouch with Screen Logic 2
  • new Pentair DE 60 Filter
  • Pool Details: Gunite - and I believe 30,000 gallons per previous homeowner but plan to verify
We live in CT and would like to have the pool between 90-85 degrees. I'm pretty new to pools and this is the first year having a heater (we went with the heat pump over Propane for efficiency). I understand that the Raypak heat pump requires a minimum flow as does the salt cell. I believe both require 15GPM.

Initially to clean my pool I was running the pump at 40 GPMs to move the water and it could only handle that for a brief time running at 2900 RMS using a lot of Watts and getting a Max Pressure error. Now that the pool is clean, I want to come up with a program/schedule for run time...how many hours should I run the pump per day? a friend of ours runs theirs at a low RPM on VS pump for 20 hours a day and a high speed for 4 hours. Another runs theirs at 2800 RPMS all the time, but since we have a VSF pump the benefit seems to be to run by flow than RPMs. From what I've read the 24 hour run time doesn't seem necessary. I want to be efficient as possible however we have a pool for a reason and understand it will cost something to run it well! I also want to program the times in a way that the heat pump is running when we would need it to run. Is it most efficient to set the temp to 80 degrees all the time so it'll kick on when the pump is running....or only run it during the day if we feel we need it. (I do understand using a solar cover at night will help maintain the heat).

Right now if I set it to 17 GPM it runs at 19-20 GPM, (RPMs around 2300, and Power Usage Watts at 571). I've been running it for a few days at this speed for about 8-12 hours a day. Salt system is set to 50%. Intelli-pH was set to 50% but because the pH was low I reduced it to 30% to trial it and after increasing alk. it seems like the pH is good for now.

Any suggestions for programming a running schedule to make sure the pool realms clean, the SWG works, and the heat pump works, all while keeping the system as efficient as possible, would be SO helpful! Thanks in advance, you are all an awesome support! Hoping to 'automate' as much as possible.



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Efficiency comes second to function. You have your various automated gadgets that need to be satisfied with pump flow and run time. So you have a balancing act to find what works for your setup.

A heat pump generates small amounts of heat over a long time. You usually cannot wait until you want heat to turn on the HP.