VS Pump Sound Question


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Jul 9, 2018
Davenport, FL
I am looking to add a variable speed pump to my nice to have list for future projects. However, I am curious about the noise they would put out. My work puts me around a decent number of motors and pumps that are connected to VFDs which for the most part all have a distinct high pitch whine when running. My puppy has shown some sensitivity to these types of sounds so I wanted to see if the VS pool pumps had VFD drives with that whine.

Thanks for any info!

Edit: for clarification, looking for any audible electronic noise not pump/motor sound.


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Mar 2, 2011
The main noise is from the back mounted fan. At about 2,700 rpm it begins to get annoying.

A bigger pump, like the Intelliflo, can be operated at a slower speed compared to a smaller pump like the Superflo vs.


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Jul 7, 2014
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When I first got my IntelliFlo pump I had to touch it to make sure it was still running... :) At 1200 RPM, it is almost silent. At full speed, it sounds like a single speed pump.

I have not heard any 'electronic' noise...

Jim R.


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Dec 15, 2014
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Agree with Jimrahbe. I replaced my 2 HP single speed super loud pump with a Pentair Intelliflow (011018). I run this pump at 1500 RPM for 6 hours per day summer and winter, and have had no algae problems so far after 3 years. As Jim said, I have to walk up to where the pump is, and can only tell it is running because I can see the water flowing in the pump basket and hear a slight whine. I would think you would only need to run the VS pump at higher speeds, such as when you need to add and mix chemicals, run the Spa (if you have one) or skim a lot of debris from the pool.

Also, you will save a LOT of money on electricity bills with a VS pump. My old 2 HP pump drew nearly 3000 Watts, all the time it was running and the VS at 1500 RPM uses around 300 Watts. That is a 10X saving of power which will quickly add up.
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Jun 28, 2017
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I run the Pentair SuperFlow and at 1200 rpm I have to get close to know it is running. Only at speeds above 2500 does is begin to make some fan noise but much less than the single speed pump it replaced.