VS Motors and Automotion Compatibility


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May 14, 2014
Bay Area, California
I am planning on updating my 1.5HP motor for one of the variable speed motors.
i am thinking of either the
- Pentair Intelliflo
- Jacuzzi J-VSP250 (has a 5 year warrantee and cheap installation)

Details of my current set up are in my sig.

I want to also use the Jandy Aqualink controller I have. There is an upgrade available that will let me control via iPhone, etc.

- Is there any info about how well the Aqualink (last version via the upgrade) works with either of those pumps?
- I am sure it is better to buy the same automation from the same company as the pump, but that seems like overkill
- Are there serious compromises by not using the same company for both the controller and pump?

It needs to be easy for the family to use:
- Bypass the programming to turn on the spa and have it heated by the solar and/or the gas (do that today via the RS8 controller)
- Resort to normal programming for filtering when done.

Thanks all!


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Aug 30, 2016
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From my limitted knowledge gained here in replacing my pump you might need the SuperFlo and add on cable but I could be wrong. I have a 2003 jandy controller that predates VS Pumps or at least their popularity so it doesn't control them.

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Apr 5, 2015
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The Jandy iAqualink is compatible with the Intelliflo VS and VF but nothing about the Jacuzzi VS. The Jandy Control board Rev O and newer will support Intelliflo pumps