Volleyball anchors ING


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Aug 17, 2018
League City/TX
Hello All,
I'm finishing up so detail on my pool build and one of them is the anchors for a volleyball net. It was suggested to me to add anchors under the water line to tie off bottom of net so it not so high. Good idea or not (this will be a SWP with pebble sheen)? I'm not sure what to do with anchor for the top line that with be were the spa spillway is. On one side I will install a sleeve for a pole but the other side is where the spa spill way will be since its in the middle of the pool. Where would be a good place to add a anchor or a sleeve? Can I add a sleeve in the middle of the spill way or do I add it inside the spa? Trying to figure what will not be damage spa with bunch of boys hanging all over it. This is a athletic type pool depth 4 X 5.6 X 4 so net has to be in the middle of pool. Since I'm the PB it falls on me to figure out.