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Sep 8, 2015
Hello all,
My wife and I recently replaced our old, aging hot tub with a brand new Viking Royale hot tub. We have had it for about a month now and the I'm using a 3 step bromine system for sanitation like I did with my old tub and everything is going great so far with the water. When I bought the tub, the store included free startup chemicals and also threw in a vision sanitizing system. Normally these are used on Dimension One Spas, but they said I can use it with mine and have no trouble. Since it was free I figured why not try it and see what happens, but when I watched a video online about it, it suggested to not use it if your hot tub uses bromine. Does anyone know if this is true? Will it be a problem if I try to use it and is it even necessary? I'm all for trying to have the cleanest water possible with using the fewest amount of chemicals so I can save money in the long run. Just seeking some advice on the product and is it even worth my time to mess with? Thanks!


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May 23, 2015
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It’s just a “silver ion” alternative sanitizer product. TFP does not recommend any “alternative sanitizer” systems as they are of dubious scientific value. Silver ions are only considered “sanitizing” in a hot tub when the water temp is above 100F AND you use it in conjunction with higher doses of MPS (potassium monopersulfate, aka non-chlorine shock). If water temps remain too low for too long, then the kill rate of the silver ions is too long and bacteria can flourish. Silver can stain at high concentrations and it’s not easily measured so you have no way of quantitatively knowing if you have enough in the water.

Halogens tend to react with silver ions and form insoluble silver salts like silver chloride or silver bromide. So if you used that cartridge, the halogen will “foul” the surface of it and render the cartridge useless.
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