Vinyl Pool Quote with Equipment - can someone please review?


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Jul 27, 2020
North Carolina
Here are the details, would love an expert opinions on equipment choices

L - Shaped 18 x 26 x 39 feet (with sun ledge on foot of the "L" and 3 steel steps covered in the vinyl)

Water Feature - 8 foot long 2 foot high water feature including two 1" sheer descents (are those too narrow?) - it will be faced in stone and capped in travertine

Vinyl lined in 20mil liner (can upgrade for a fee)
~26,000 gallons

Pool done with gray travertine coping 10" x 24"
*decking to be done by us - likely pavers* - however PB quoted 800 sq ft travertine pavers for $24,000 if we would like, so $30 sq ft.

Schedule 40 PVC 1.5" plumbing (but later in quote states minimum 2" plumbing?)
2- surface skimmers fully boxed
2 -Standard suction skimmers
3 returns
Autofill and Overflow included
-Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx 400k BTU natural gas heater (gas line run included in price)
-Hayward Top Mount Pro Sand Filter S360T2
-Hayward 24V Valve Actuator (maybe to run water feature)?
-Hayward Super pump variable speed 1.85hp
-The New Line of Polaris Pool Cleaner 280 With Booster Pump
-3 Universal 320 Low voltage ColorLogic® color LED Pool lights.
-Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit - net, brush, hand vac, etc.
Pool Schooling Us, instruction manual
*water to be purchased by us, $500/truck ~6000 gallons per truck*
any dirt hauled off charged per load, we plan to use most to level out the yard a bit on one corner.

quote includes grading, electrical, permits, etc.
$55K (I am in NC)

Thank you all! :) So much to learn.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Boy Howdy! Exciting times ahead! Welcome to Trouble Free Pool :)

As to your quote-
26,000 gallons is a nice size pool! I think your Salt Water Chlorinator is too small though. We always (always!!) recommend going at least 2x the pool size so that you will have plenty of chlorine when needed, and you can run the device less which can extend its lifespan.

I think you need more water returns than just 3.

2' PVC minimum.

Save money by ditching that second booster pump and inadequate cleaner and go with a robot instead. All you need is an outlet near to the pool to plug the power box in to. Maytronics is a favorite around here. Will save you plenty on electricity also.

The stone on the sheer descents always run the risk of efflorescence which will need scrubbing off with diluted acid if you get it.

Will you have dogs in the pool?

That's all I've got.... keep us posted and we *love* pics as the build progresses, ok??



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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
I used a Polaris 380 pool cleaner for the first 13 years since the pool was built. This year I bought a robot. I don't see going back to the Polaris.


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May 16, 2010
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Seems a little steep for vinyl in our area, although its a "sellers" market right now! But I guess it's hard to evaluate exactly what needs to be done on your site. Get some estimates from builders in the Greensboro/Winston and Charlotte areas - the folks in Raleigh tend to be expensive.