Vinyl Pool Builder in York/Lancaster/Harrisburg PA Area


Mar 25, 2012
I am planning to have an inground vinyl liner pool installed in Fall of 2013 or Spring of 2014 and am starting to research pool builders in the York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA area.

Does anyone have any recommendations of who to consider and who to stay away from?

Thanks for your help! I've been reading the forum and this seems like it will be a great place to find help and ideas!


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Jun 16, 2011
York, PA
Try Buchmeyer's in York, great customer service. They didn't build my pool, but if I were to put in a vinyl IG they would be who I would go with.


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Jul 1, 2009
Harrisburg, PA
Try aquafun pools in Halifax, PA. def the most bang for your buck. We just got a quote from them and two others in the area and were pleasantly surprised by their list of equipment and the price.


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Feb 26, 2012
Lancaster, PA
I had my pool put in by Fox Pools - the Lancaster office. They run a special every spring and fall and I feel I received pretty good service and a great price compared to the other 4 places I got quotes from. If you want a contact name on who to talk to, feel free to message me.