Vinyl Liner Slipping


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Nov 4, 2016
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Hello all,
I have a 20'x40' (33,000 gallons) in ground pool that had the liner replaced about 10 years ago (before I owned pool). It is now starting to slip in 2 places. I'm assuming the only way to fix is to drain water and pull up. Since I'm not wild about doing that in the middle of the season, I'm wondering if drilling a hole where the white liner lip meets the plastic backer and use stainless steel screws as a way to make sure it doesn't get any worse. Thoughts? Thanks for your advice.


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Jul 29, 2014
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Happened in my pool in one place. I was able to push it into place without draining water. Took me a bit to figure out a technique, but once I got it, it was pretty easy. I sort of used a blunt tip wood dowel to push up on the liner bead, without ripping the liner of course


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Jun 16, 2019
You can probably massage it back into place with a finger in a sideways motion starting at the still attached area. Hot water or a hair dryer (safely.... water and electric and all) will soften the liner and make it more stretchy but it is probably plenty pliable already right now at the hottest time of the year. They make a product called liner lock and/or bead lock that you tap in afterwards like a wedge to keep it from pulling out again.
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doug wilcox

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May 8, 2020
go to the store and buy liner lock. (find a color that will match your pool liner / or what you like).
put the liner lock around the whole pool except where the bead has fallen out.

first option. (easier with 2 people if you haven't done this before)
go in the pool.
start pressing the liner up from below the water line.
keep working the liner up towards the deck. you should
be able to get some of the material to move upwards .
bend the bead into the track as you are pressing the liner up.
be patient and dont pull too hard or you may rip the liner.
repeat until you have solved the problem and put in some liner lock

option 2

put a tea pot up to boil. (this may take 2 or 3 times so be patient)
after it has boiled, take the tea pot out to the pool while not burning yourself.
slowly pour a little bit the hot water on the area of where the bead has fallen out.
the liner will become pliable
check to see if the liner is can be gently pulled up and be put back into the track.
if not add some more hot water. be patient and work a little in at a time

after you get the liner in, secure it in place with liner lock.

do not use a hair dryer.
1. it is dangerous to mix electric and water.
2. you end up burning your fingers
3. you get uneven heat across the area.
4. you can melt the liner
5. it is stupid

my 2 cents



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Jul 29, 2014
Independence, KY
My one addition that I thought of after my first post. I had a couple small popouts, a bit smaller than yours. I had a hard time getting them back in. I ended up getting a slight bit more pulled out, which allowed me a better surface to grip. I sort of pulled up, trying ot get past the gap, then stuck into place. Then like I said, I used a small dowel to push it into the track tightly. I dont have time ot google this, but I bet there are multiple YouTube videos on this exact situation.
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