Vinyl Liner Separating From Wall


Aug 18, 2014
Lafayette / INdiana
Hi everyone, we have a Vinyl liner that has separated from the wall in various places above the water line. The pool guy says it's not repairable and mentioned it could be $7k - $10k to replace the liner down the road. He mentioned we could get 1 -2 years more out of it (the liner is probably 6-7 years old). I started digging on youtube and found a bunch of videos similar to this (link below). I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using a similar method? Our problem is very similar to the one in the video, maybe not as severe. Any methods are very welcomed. Thank you so much in advance. I'll post pics later this week if I get any responses.



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Jun 16, 2019
Thats exactly how you do it. I would be super careful using the skewers. It would be too easy to slip and puncture the liner. I used liner lock. Its a small plastic wedge that holds the liner tight after you get it back in. You could do 6 or more inches at a time depending on how tight the liner was and how much was pulled out. It can be cut into whatever sized pieces you need and is sold anywhere between 5 and 120 ft. I didnt need hot water, it just slowly massaged the liner back into place from inside the pool. I was worried of missing the liner lock and hitting the liner with a hammer so i used a small scrap of 2X4 and hit that with a rubber mallot.