Vinyl Liner Replacement


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Feb 24, 2022
Hey guys,

New pool owner here and need some advice. In the process of getting a new liner and the pool company was out here today and tore out the old liner. It rained last night and there is ground water in the deep end. They said it wasn’t terrible. The bottom is apparently grout and not vermiculite. There are spots in the middle and deep end where there are large cracks almost look like big craters ( I always noticed this when the old liner was in). Company told us they could fix and patch with vermiculite and install a hydrostatic relief valve to the main drain to catch the ground water. They advised the ground water caused the big cracks. There other option is to skim coat the entire bottom with vermiculite which they advise would make it all smooth with no imperfections. This option would be an extra $3k on what I was quoted for to install the liner. They also advised that no matter what option we chose it would probably look the same way when it was time for a new liner. Any recommendations on what to so? I will try to provide pics.


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Aug 10, 2017
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If it's grout it's gonna crack up no matter what you do. You can patch that with anything really, portland cement is often used and liner set on it dry. Ground water eventually activates it. I wouldn't waste the money on a top coat, unless you do alot of night swimming and the pool light shows how bad it is
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