Vinyl Liner Replacement


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May 23, 2007

We are planning on replacing our vinyl liner next spring. My father in law did it one year, 20 years or so ago, and thought we were crazy to even think about hiring someone to do it.

Any one have any experience/insight into this? I'm basically looking for what level of difficulty it would be to do. We don't have anything terribly complicated in our pool, it's an oval, w/ a skimmer, and 2 returns, 18X40, no main drain.

I realize doing anything yourself involves greater risk, just curious as to the level of difficulty involved.


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida

Doable. Get more help than you think you'll need it. Don't wait 'til cool weather. I've done my own twice. Would have been a chip shot had not the pool been quite large. Your's is pretty big, too, so I reemphasize "plenty of help"
Jul 27, 2007
Inman, SC
Replacing liners is not that difficult, but I agree you will need some extra hands. We put a new liner in a round AG pool 2 times without problems, and just recently built a new inground in which we done ourselves. This time we learned a new tip with the vaccum that helped, oh, and don't cut your holes until your water level is a few inches below where you're cutting, because it will stretch as you fill it. Good luck!


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May 14, 2007
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Get your self some new plastic coping strips before you break down the pool. They dry out and become brittle.
Rework the sand to remove any previous bumps, you should have enough sand there to use, but you might want some bags of mason sand handy.
Don't let your helpers push in on the side walls especially with no top rails, they will fall in, instruct them to slightly pull the wall out toward them.
Use a shop vac with the hose going through a skimmer hole and down close to the cove, without sand being pulled up and duct tape around the hole.
Use a shop broom with loads of duct tape on it to smack around the pool removing wrinkles. Once your happy with how it is set, add water and reinstall top rails.
Not that big of a job, very doable. Post up your findings.


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May 27, 2007
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Personally - I would hire a pool store/company to do the job. Primarily - if they screw it up - they get to fix it. If you do - then you're out another liner and plenty of frustration. I had my liner replaced a couple of years ago. They had the equipment and know how to do a first rate job. Just my 2.